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808 Urban


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I wanted to dedicate this lengthy #dearlovestory to an Akua (god) called #Lono who comes in more forms than I could fit on this wall. I’m definitely no expert on this Akua. I came with no sketch, no idea what I was going to do..just an open mind and observing everything. Little by little, I learned.

Day 1-Heavy rains came pouring down most of the day. Lono let us know he was present. The wall was cleansed.

added the second layer, but still no image. Aloha was planted.Day 3-5 Ipu(gourd) that I didn’t plant started popping up in my yard. Then as I researched more, I discovered a lot of Lono’s land kinolau(forms) were already in my home. Went to the ocean and discovered the same. If Lono were alive today, what/who would he look like? I chose @wahinewaiu to play the part. He embodies everything that I imagined Lono to be from the land to the sea.

In summary, Lono exists in all of us if we choose to be connected. If we choose to honor our own people as those #superheroes to lead us to that place of discovery. From the babies to the elders..#lonoikamakahiki to you all! The knowledge harvested.

Lonoikamakahiki mural was part of Pow Wow Worldwide 10th year anniversary in February 2019. The mural is still active and can be seen at Kaka’ako.