About Us


808 Urban is a collective of community cultural workers: artists, organizers and volunteers committed to improving the quality of life for our communities through arts programming. In all of our work, we strive to integrate the highest levels of artistic innovation with grassroots cultural organizing for systemic, progressive social change.


808 Urban started off as a backyard project by the graffiti artist, John “Prime” Hina, who recognized the value of mentoring at-risk youth through urban arts and cultural education. He dedicated 10 years of his life to building 808 Urban and set the foundation for Hawaiʻi’s street art movement. Since then, 808 Urban has grown into a respected local community arts organization, while “staying true to the streets.” Since 2006, 808 Urban has created over 1000 large-scale mural projects throughout the Hawaiian Islands and around the world. 808 Urban has conducted hundreds of arts workshops, and collaborated with dozens of local organizations and businesses

After Prime fulfilled his 10 year commitment to building 808 Urban, the responsibilities shifted to his students, Laetitia “Kealakukui” Mahoney and Ralph Dela Cruz. As co-directors, they are committed to continuing and building on the legacy set forth by their predecessor.